Proposed Upcoming Features | Edwiser RemUI version 3.9.0

  • Hello Guys,

    We at Edwiser have listed out few features that will be part of Edwiser RemUI's upcoming update.
    Do read them and share your thoughts, suggestions, etc in the comments section.

    • Edwiser RemUI compatibility with Moodle version 3.9.0

    • Separating "My Courses" & "Course Archive" Page

    There will also be some fixes and improvements as part of the product will be explained as part of this thread in later days.
    We have also zeroed-in some requests shared by our patrons and those too will be added as part of this thread in the coming days.

    So you got our ears, together let's make Moodle better with Edwiser RemUI

    Team Edwiser

  • More details about this feature,

    Separating "My Courses" & "Course Archive" Page

    Is available in the previously created discussion thread.
    The click to the discussion is given below -

    Thanks, Jason Mooney, Steve Radford, Tobias Sanders for suggesting this in our Facebook group - Moodle Tips & Tricks

  • As I shared in the Facebook thread about splitting the My Courses page, I believe the new page would be better to be entitled "All Courses" instead of "Course Archive".

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