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  • Hello Guys,

    We at Edwiser have listed out few features that will be part of Edwiser RemUI's upcoming update.
    Do read them and share your thoughts, suggestions, etc in the comments section.

    Upcoming Versions: V3.8.3, V3.7.9, V3.6.10
    Tentative Date of Release: Last week of April 2020

    • Focus mode

    Description: This will let teachers give their students a content-focused interface in the course. With the least amount of distractive elements.

    Target: This is to improve the students learning experience and make sure that teachers get better results from their students.

    • 1 click update of Edwiser RemUI

    Description: No more uploading the latest files to your Moodle. We will do all of that with a single click right from your Moodle site.

    Target: Make product updates a 5 min job with 0 chances of errors.

    • Information Center

    Description: A dedicated section within the product that guides you in getting the best out of Moodle, Provides information about latest version of the product and upcoming developments.

    Target: Simplify the way one would use Moodle as well as stay closer to every Edwiser RemUI patron so that together we make Moodle remarkable.

    • Improved Edwiser RemUI Settings

    There will also be some fixes and improvements as part of the product will be explained as part of this thread in later days.
    We have also zeroed-in some requests shared by our patrons and those too will be added as part of this thread in the coming days.

    So you got our ears, together let's make Moodle better with Edwiser RemUI

    Team Edwiser

  • Some more suggestions and requests that were reported last week regarding possible improvements in Edwiser RemUI.
    These suggestions were raised by Edwiser RemUI users like Jason Mooney, Steve Radford, Tobias Sanders in our Facebook group - Moodle Tips & Tricks

    1. Separate "My Courses" & "Course Archive" tabs into separate pages. Along with an option to restrict students from visiting the "Course Archive" page.

    2. Improved Accessibility when it comes to Gradebook and Completion Tracking in Moodle.

    3. More Insightful course progress for Students as well as Teachers which will help in making better decisions

    Do share your thoughts about these suggestions and if you got similar suggestion then post it as part of the comments

  • @Steve Radford one of Edwiser RemUI power users have suggested a possible workflow for this tweak in the theme,

    " Separate "My Courses" & "Course Archive" tabs into separate pages. Along with an option to restrict students from visiting the "Course Archive" page. "

    • Separate these pages,
    • Give Administrators an option to enable or disable the visibility of this page to their students,
    • Change the term "Course Archive" to "All Courses" for better understanding to all users.

  • We have rolled out these features as part of the recent update to Edwiser RemUI

    • Focus mode

    • 1 click update of Edwiser RemUI

    • Information Center

    Along with this, we have also rolled out an update for the Edwiser Course Formats plugin.
    With some minor improvements and tweaks.

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