Major Bug ... RemUI 3.6.9, 3.7.5+ My Courses UI Caching

  • Hi RemUI Support,

    I have, unfortunately uncovered a major bug in RemUI 3.6.9 and 3.7.5 (2 versions that I tested on).

    First, our production Moodle platform is a load-balanced 2 front-end server setup with Redis handling the cluster caching. Our QA instance is more basic, being single server without Redis for caching. With the introduction of caching of "My Courses" and "Courses" you seem to be using the application cache store and not the user session cache store. This means that users "My Courses" and "Course" caches are overwriting each other, or are being shared between logged in users. This means that 2 different users (educator or student) are seeing someone else's "My Courses" and "Course". Obviously a major glitch that should have been foreseen and at least tested for.

    Second, when the Moodle appearance config "Show all courses" is set to "No", RemUI is NOT honoring the setting, and the RemUI courses tab remains visible on the "My Courses" UI/page. The user role permission "category:viewcourselist"" is also not being honored in the same way!

    Obviously these issue are very frustrating as it's taken me the better part of my Good Friday to uncover pretty poor coding and rank bad testing procedures. A decent unit test should highlight these issues.

    Hopefully these bugs can be remedied soonest, but it the meantime I've removed all calls to $cache->set(... in version 3.6.9 on our production environment.

    I'm honestly wondering if my business needs to look at an alternative theme.

  • Thank you SACAP,
    I mentioned this problem in the facebook-Forum on March 17th 2020. I was told this has something to do with my server.
    Although I really like the guys @Edwiser I also think they should really invest more time in quality checks. I also spent several hours on bugs in the past which should not happen because they are pretty obvious.


  • Thanks Tobias, it's sad that what is a great product is so hampered with basic bugs and poor testing. I will be meeting with my team tomorrow to discuss alternatives. If you want to offer an enterprise solution, you better make 100% sure your coding and support are enterprise level too!

  • Hello @SACAP @Tobias-Sanders,

    Thanks for pointing this issue out to us.
    Indeed it shows us in poor light. Frankly, this must be something that we missed out during our testing process.

    But we have quickly worked towards mending our ways, and in fact, we have resolved the "My Courses" page related issue and a ready fix was provided to you @SACAP yesterday.
    I am guessing that it should have resolved the bug related to the "My Courses" page.

    Having said that we are working on the other issues that are reported and you will receive updated theme files within 2 days.

    Rajiv Sathian
    Team Edwiser

  • Hey Rajiv, I need the files as well please.

  • @Tobias-Sanders

    Right now the updated fix file has resolved the caching related issue whereas the rest of the things that were raised are still worked on by us.

    Could you tell me if that's the only issue that you are facing if yes, then I can ask my colleague Sarang to share it with you right away?

  • Hi all!

    I have this problem about caching course list in "My courses" between different users, but I'm using

    $plugin->release = '3.8.2';
    $plugin->version = 2020021100;

    Could we have some kind of patch to solve this?


  • Hi Andres Herrera,

    I guess you are already in conversation with my colleague Sarang Nair.
    He will be sharing a product file with a fix for this issue.

    Having said that we will be resolving this as part of our next update in which we have permanently resolved this issue.

    Rajiv Sathian

  • Can someone confirm that the caching issue has been resolved? I am seeing the "competency breakdown" of a random user when I check the course reports. Could this be related in v3.8.3?