Bug - Edwiser 'Recent Forums' Block on Dashboard Shows Error

  • An 'invalidresponse' exception is thrown on the dashboard, which is related to the 'Recent Forums' block (see attached screenshot).

    To replicate the issue:

    1. Create a new course with a forum. Make a forum post.
    2. Create a second account and reply to the forum post of your first account.
    3. As an admin, remove the second account from the list of users. (In the forum the author name of the second account will now change to 'Deleted user' and after the 'Deletion request' is approved the entire reply of the second account will be marked as deleted)
    4. Log back in to your first account and check the Dashboard with the 'Recent Forums' block. This will now throw the error, because the block cannot find the response by the second (deleted) account.


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