Change accent colour pallete

  • Hello,

    I would like to change the accent colour pallete to match my organization's branding.

    For example, the colors of a block on the Dashboard used for courses (the orange and the red backgrounds): Capture.PNG

    How can I do that? Are these colours defined globally in the Edwiser RemUI theme or only locally in the dashboard blocks?

  • Thanks for adding this query to the Edwiser Forums.

    These colors are applied by default in the theme and I believe there isn't any setting to change them as of now.
    Let me check if we could add some custom CSS that will help in changing its colors.

    Could you help me with colors do you want to add as part of those cards?

  • I would like to add these specific colors instead of the colours present at the moment:

    yellow: RGB (239, 165, 40)
    light blue: RGB (69, 176, 201)
    dark purple: RGB (55, 46, 119)
    purple: RGB (146, 46, 117)
    pink: RGB (220, 52, 86)

  • And I am guessing we won't be changing these colors that often isn't it?

  • The colors will not change. Depending on how it looks, we may add 1-2 additional colors.

    The colors seem to be only used in the Blocks on the Dashboard. If you could point me to the CSS file of these Blocks, I may be able to edit them myself and customize the block for our purposes.

  • Give us some time to check if this could be tweaked using some custom CSS.

  • @Rajiv-Sathian Can you provide an update on the possibility of using custom CSS? I am still eager to change the colors, manually by providing a color pallete.

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