Integrating Edwiser eb user account functionality in my account page (WooCommerce)

  • Since this is using the WooCommerce Shortcode ([woocommerce_my_account]) and if people use this page to reset their password, it is ONLY updating in WordPress (not Moodle) there any way you can create a new Edwiser Short Code (eb_user_account_redirect_woocommerce_my_account) or something?

    So the idea is if they "land" on this page and need to reset their password it updates in BOTH Moodle/WordPress...BUT if they only need to log in, it just directs them to the WooCommerce account page?

    So basically there is one (1) bug/issue with the Edwiser plugin (see image above) and one (1) enhancement that I think will be beneficial to ALL of your clients to use the [eb_user_account] shortcode as a "GATE" access to both a) WooCommerce and b) Moodle...this will ensure that ALL passwords in Moodle/WordPress are always 100% the SAME.

    Does this make sense? I think this will definitely resolve A LOT of issues for all of your clients, basically, we need to use the [eb_user_account] shortcode to "gate access" to both WooCommerce My Account as well as Moodle access.

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