Problems with Product Synchronization

  • I have described an issue privately to Edwiser staff in email.

    The purpose of this email is to see if anyone else is having similar problems.

    I have test courses in Moodle. I then in Wordpress use Edwiser Bridge / Settings / Synchronization / Courses

    and press Start Synchronization with only 'Keep Synchonized courses as draft ' checked.

    All Ok. The Moodle courses show up in Edwiser Bridge / Courses.

    Then in Wordpress I use Edwiser Bridge / Settings / Synchronization / Products and I click only

    Create courses a products. Then press Start Synchronization.

    All OK.

    But then when I edit the Test courses in Products, something goes wrong and the custom field is_product_a_moodle_course gets changed to no and things start going wrong.

    I am updated versions of WordPress, Woocommerce etc. BUT I am also using php version 7.3.9.

    I suspect that some things in the new php version are affecting things (like the issue of countable.)

    Please don't suggest to me that I should backgrand my php version because too much else depends on being current.

    Thoughts anyone?

    p.s. It would be really good if Edwiser people would reply to my emails in a timely manner (48 hours?)

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