BUG: Course Stats Incorrect

  • We have changed some of the course completion criteria for our courses and the course stats that show to teachers at the top of the course page are now incorrect and are not updating.

    I have manually run all of the server scheduled tasks relating to completion and have waited a few days in case these are linked to another task which only runs periodically. I have also disabled and re-enabled the stats in the theme settings and have purged all caches, however the stats are still incorrect.

  • Forum Moderator

    Hi @fieldstar

    I'm unable to replicate the issue on our end.

    Can you please share steps to replicate the issue on our end?
    I can provide you with access to one of your staging environment where you can replicate the issue so that we can analyze and get back to you.

    Let me know which one of these works for you.

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