Option to have "list" rather than (or in addition to) cards on section page

  • Although I like the card format, and on the course main page it works really well, in practice having cards on the section page limits options a little. Ideally i'd like to have a mix of list and cards within a section, though i realise that's tricky to accomplish. So, I could use a label as a heading and intro with say a set of cards for an "activity set" eg pre assignment activity, an assignment, a post assignment activity. then follow it with another "list" label. If that makes sense.

  • Hi @Mike-Nodding - thanks for sharing this feature request certainly this could be added as part of Edwiser Course Formats plugin.

    We are planning to add this as part of next update of Edwiser Course Formats plugin.

  • Thanks, that's excellent Rajiv - would be brilliant!

  • @Mike-Nodding - Thought of taking your suggestion on this.
    We are planning to add a button or setting as part of all activities of Edwiser Card Format.

    As admin's you can choose to set an activity as "List" or keep it as "Card" as per your choice.

    Thus this sound to be good way of presenting it? Please share your thoughts about it.

  • hi, looks like you did it already! i can see a new feature in card layout to set an element "as row" which is brilliant.

    You're doing great work with this format - thanks.

  • @Mike-Nodding - yes, we are including this as a feature in our next update of the Edwiser Course Formats plugin.

    Glad to know that you like the Card Course Format.

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