Have course sections remember collapsed / expanded state

  • Although you can set the default state (collapsed or expanded) for sections on the edit course settings page, these defaults seem to be reapplied every time a user renters) a course, even if they have collapsed or expanded some sections last time they were in.

    It would be better if the system remembered the collapsed / expanded status for each section each time user leaves the course main page and returns them to the last state when they return. (For info, the Moodle plugin 'format_topcoll' does do this).

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    @fieldstar said in Have course sections remember collapsed / expanded state:


    Hi @fieldstar

    Thanks for your idea.

    We will certainly look into this feature and if feasible we shall implement this feature in the upcoming updates of Edwiser Course format plugin.

  • We are planning to implement this feature as part of next update of Edwiser RemUI-Course Formats plugin.

    In order to implement this feature we will use local storage to keep track of all sections.

    This will be user end workflow:

    • User will set the course activities as collapsed (for example),
    • User can see the section state (collapsed / expanded) even if s/he refresh the page.
    • Can see section state even if s/he left the page and come back to course page after some time.
    • Can see section state even if s/he logout from the system.
      Note : Need to check time here.

    Trade off:

    1. The user if switches his/her browser or log into the site from another device then they won't see the course activities as per their preference.

    Question: Do you think, we should track section state on the permanent basis. For example, user can see the same section state on different system and sessions?

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