Bug using Edwiser Forms

  • Dear Edwiser Team,

    we are currently facing a crucial bug when trying to use Edwiser Forms. All installations have been made correctly and successfully. Still we get the following warning:



    Can you please provide any feedback? Mr. Mudhale has a test account on our Moodle website. Please provide feedback as soon as possible. Otherwise, we are not able to make use of Edwiser Forms.

    Best regards and thanks in advance

  • Hello Stoessela,

    I would suggest you uninstall Edwiser Forms and the Reinstall it again. These errors might be because of some error during the installation.

    If you are using Edwiser Forms Pro, I advise you to first deactivate the License from your Edwiser backend account and then uninstall the plugin and then reinstall it.

  • @Vrushabh-Mudhale
    thanks for your feedback. We followed your instructions and uninstalled Edwiser Forms Pro. Before, we deactivated the Edwiser Forms license key. After that we reinstalled Edwiser Forms pro. The error message still applies.

    The issue seems to occure when installing Edwiser Forms Pro v1.2.0

    Please provide feedback asap!

  • As you have access to our Moodle you should be able to reproduce this issue. Please provide feedback asap – thanks in advance!

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