Crucial Bug – Latest Update

  • Dear Edwiser developer team,

    a bug occured with your latest update 3.5.7. If you "click" on the burger menu on the left to expand or collapse the left sidebar, icons will get lost if the sidebar is collapsed. They only get lost if you are within an activity or resource.

    Additionally special characters like "&" are not displayed correctly on highest level. I attached two screenshots displaying the issues. Please fix both issues asap as our students are concerning a lot that they could not find files because the menu gets lost.



  • Are you able to provide any feedback yet?

  • Forum Moderator

    Hi @stoessela

    This issue is fixed in Edwiser RemUI 3.6.x version. We will be adding the required changes to Edwiser RemUI 3.5.x version as well in the upcoming version with regards to the missing icons in the Left Sidebar.

    Now regarding the issue with special characters, can you send us access to your Moodle site to check the issue on your end directly as we are not able to replicate it on our end.

  • @Sarang-Nair
    thanks for your fast response. Mr Vrushabh Mudhale (from edwiser) already has an account on our Moodle system. Within the last weeks I sent Mr Mudhale an issue regarding one of our media-plugins but never received an answer. Can you check if it is fixed?

  • Additionally, please keep in mind that a lot of moodle-users are working on 3.5.x versions as they are the LTS versions and have a much longer security support available. Pleaase provide RemUI updates for the 3.5.x versions as regulary as for the 3.6.x versions.

  • @Sarang-Nair
    do you already know when you are able to provide the updated version of RemUI 3.5.x?


  • Forum Moderator

    @stoessela The issue will be fixed in the new update of Edwiser RemUI 3.5 for Moodle 3.5 users. The update will be released today.

  • @Sarang-Nair

    has the update for moodle 3.5.x been released?

  • @stoessela - Yes, we have rolled out the update for Edwiser RemUI the one compatible with Moodle version 3.5.

    The latest Edwiser RemUI version 3.5.8 that works fine with Moodle version 3.5 and above.

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