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  • When using the search function wihin the »my courses« page you only find courses if you type in the exact title of the course. If you, for example, type: refugee immigration law (because you know that these three words have been part of the course title) the course will still not be found because it is not the exact order of words.

    Is it possible to change the logic behind the search mechanism so that it looks for the words "refugee" and/or "immigration" and/or "law"?

  • @stoessela - The course search functionality is very limited as of now hence you have to type the exact title of the course in order to get to your expected course.

    Certainly not the right way to go about this.

    In the upcoming update we are improving the elements on the "My Courses" page and this should improve the search functionality as well.

    We are planning to provide a dynamic search functionality in next few updates in the "My Courses" page.

  • On the same lines @stoessela - could you provide some more ideas related to your expectations from an ideal course search functionality.

    So that we could then include those as part of upcoming product updates and together make sure that we provide complete solution to this need.

  • @Rajiv-Sathian

    Sure I can provide some more thoughts on this.

    Within "my course" section it would be awesome if the search functionality or filter would provide a solution for "period" or "date". So for example. You search for a course by name (best would be if you would not have to type in the exact title – just as mentioned above) + you can set a filter of the year or semester (e.g. summer term 2018 or Winter term 2018/2019, etc.) the information about the period will be pulled from the start date of the course.

    This would be great.

  • That's a good insight. Give me a day to check if this is feasible or not and I will update on this one.

    Till then you can continue sharing your thoughts and ideas to improve it.

  • @Rajiv-Sathian
    Another good option would be to search for the course ID. This could be integrated into the "normal" search-logic. Right now it is not possible to find a course by simply searching for the course ID (within my courses or dashboard).

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