Revision of the "Turn editing on" section in the courses.

  • This is my feature request for the next remUI-Version. It simplifies the editing section in moodle.

    1. Move the "Turn editing on" button out of the edit-menue
    2. Make a nice Submenue for the other options in the edit menu.
      Taken from the "Boost campus" theme

    (see my post in the FB Group "Moodkle Tips and tricks" from the 1st of february)

  • @Tobias-Sanders - This is a planned feature something that will be part of our next update of Edwiser RemUI

  • Well...the update came but the feature is still missing. Any news?

  • We rolled it out as a feature in the latest versions of the theme.
    I believe now is possible with Edwiser RemUI versions 3.5.11, 3.6.8, 3.7.7 & 3.8.0.

    There is a setting part of Edwiser RemUI which could be enabled or disabled for this purpose.
    Simply follow this path Site Administration > Appearance > Themes > Edwiser RemUI > General Settings > Checkbox to enable "Course Edit Button" at the bottom of the page

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