Notification email alert (reminder to fill form and notification of missed deadline) and electronic signature

  • I would like a feature where when I create a form I can choose a date to send a reminder if the form is not complete (for example form date is in two weeks, I want a reminder email to go out in one week or 24 hour before due date). Then at the two week plus one date, when it is past due, if not complete I want an email notification to go to an email of my choosing and to the student to let them know the student did not complete the form by the due date.

    Reason: this feature makes it possible to turn the forms into electronic agreements.

    Are you aware of Docusign? With it you can have a contract, send a link to someone to sign, then when done the original sender gets a message. The original sender can also forward the signed document to a third party like an attorney or a bank, a business partner, etc.

    With a forms plugin that notifies the sender, many companies that accept a click of a button as electronic signature, of if the form itself allows some sort of electronic signature selection by using different fonts, and then adds my notification requirements, this could be a a MUCH cheaper and efficient solution than docusign.

    In my case I need it for compliance. I need people to sign off that they read the annual review of the company policies and procedures. This is HUGE for Human Resources EVERYWHERE. You should not have a problem promoting the plugin.

  • Hi @Jorge-Acuna,

    I believe this is how the feature would work, correct me if I am wrong,

    • There are two parties here Sender and Receiver,
    • The sender sends an agreement to receiver and they will receive it,
    • The Receiver should ideally be signing the agreement in say a week's time,
    • If the agreement is not signed in due time then a reminder email is sent to receiver

    As per your request, the receiver will have a form to fill up along with a field to enter digital signature.

    Rest of the things will work the way Docusign works.

    Do point out if there is anything that I am not missing out.