Manage My Courses

  • It would be awesome if students and instructors would be able to decide which courses should be hidden or shown within »My Courses« section. I know that in the »My Courses« section, only courses in which I am enrolled are displayed. But it would be good if, for example, I could hide old courses in which I am still enrolled.

  • Hi @stoessela - this is an interesting feature request. The "My Courses" page is visible to only those users who are enrolled in a course.

    I can relate to the example that you have shared with us but I have an assumption here, would students hide the courses because they have completed it.
    Correct me if I am wrong.

  • We have a lot of courses in which students need to be enrolled. That means there are courses which are mandatory. Students who have been enrolled in such a course do not have the change to unsubscribe unless they will get in touch with the course owner and ask if they could unsubscribe them manually.

    One solution would be that the course owner sets a course end date to which all students currently enrolled will be "kicked out" after the course end date is reached. Unfortunately not all course developers set course end dates which can lead to a vast amount of courses you need to be enrolled as a student. Therefore it would be awesome if you could add an "eye-icon" on which you can click to hide or show a certain course.

  • Thanks for explaining the use case, it makes sense. So I am listing out my thoughts regarding how this functionality will play out,

    • The existing course tile will have a small "eye" icon on clicking which students could HIDE the course,
    • We will also add new filter "Hidden Courses" as part of the "My Courses" page, this will help the student retrieve the courses that are set hidden by the student in future.

    Do share your thoughts about this workflow.

  • Hi Rajiv,

    thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    It would be awesome if there would be a functionality to hide courses and a new filter just the way you described it!

  • Great @stoessela - Let me add this as part of Edwiser RemUI update cycle.

    On the same note, we will provide Admin the choice to disable this feature just so that users who have a problem with this will have a workaround.

  • Sound perfect @Rajiv-Sathian – thanks for adding this to your update cycle!

  • @Rajiv-Sathian – If possible this function should be introduced for both – my courses and dashboard – sites.

  • @stoessela - Sure we will include it on both these pages at once. Once it is implemented I will update this discussion with latest screenshot of that functionality