Trello like Task Manager block for Teachers in the dashboard

  • Tobias Sanders one of our "Moodle Tips & Tricks" Facebook group contributor suggested inclusion of this Task Manager block as part of Edwiser RemUI Dashboard.

    Hence we decided to open up this suggestion to everyone, so if you have idea about any new blocks that has to be part of Edwiser RemUI. Then go ahead and add it as part of "Request a Feature" section.

    And if you agree with Tobias's request then do vote for it.

  • I absolutely agree with Mr. Sanders proposal. It would be awesome to integrate a trello like feature (or maybe a trello integration to moodle?) within the dashboard. This would help training digital literacy and agile compentencies.

  • Thanks for your recommendation @stoessela

    We have decided to introduce it as part of next feature update of the Edwiser RemUI theme. Here is a small insight about this new feature this easy to use task management tool will include the simplicity of a Todoist.

  • We have added this feature as part of latest Edwiser RemUI update.

    Simply upgrade your existing Edwiser RemUI to version 3.7.1, 3.6.4, 3.5.8 compatible with Moodle versions 3.7.x, 3.6.x & 3.5.x respectively.