Improved Site Notification feature in Edwiser RemUI

  • Few Edwiser RemUI users suggested us to implement this feature, especially when they wanted to give different announcement messages different users.

    Example - A different announcement message for logged in and logged out users.

    Vote for this suggestion if you would like to see it as part of Edwiser RemUI.

  • Adding some more information as suggested by Edwiser RemUI patron Rakesh B,

    Feature Request -

    Ability of admin to create multiple site announcements,
    User can choose to cancel the announcement that he/she has seen,
    Apart from that a ticker like feature that lists all the announcements one after another,
    Placement of announcement bar above existing menu section for better visibility.
    If you too wish to see this feature as part of Edwiser RemUI then you could upvote this query and also add any suggestions to improve this feature and make it more user friendly.