Existing Users data should be synced from Moodle to Wordpress automatically in Edwiser Bridge.

  • Few of Edwiser Bridge users did request us to include a functionality using which they could sync details related to their existing Moodle users to WordPress.

    If YOU believe this feature has to be part of Edwiser Bridge then vote for it and if you got a different opinion then do share it as part of comments section.

  • Yes, a setting that we have control over would be great, just like the checkbox for syncing course categories. Don't make it happen automatically by default. Please allow us to choose whether or not we want user data synced for that particular sync activity.

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    This feature is part of Edwiser Bridge's latest update where they can sync user's first name, last name and password from Moodle to WordPress. screenshot-staging.edwiser.org-2021.07.20-14_57_22.png

    If you want to create users that existed in Moodle before the implementation of the Edwiser Bridge plugin then you can make use of the Edwiser Bridge PRO feature where it lets you sync Moodle users from Moodle to WordPress.

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