I18n Issue on Enrolment Page

  • Hello,

    I'm currently in the process of translating RemUI into brazilian portuguese. I'm using RemUI for Moodle 3.7, version v3_97049961d54effdea. I've followed these instructions so far.

    My problem is some strings are not being translated. On the right side of enrolment page (Layout 1) there is a 'Resources Available' panel, which shows some data about the course:


    There are three strings that need translation:

    • The 'Data Inicial' (Start Date) field is showing '[[strftimedatemonthabbr]]'. Why is that happening?
    • The 'Linguagem' (Language) field is showing 'English', instead of 'Inglês'. This is set as the default on 'layout/incourse.php' if the course doesn't have a language set, but shouldn't the default value be translatable as well?
    • The 'Avaliações' (Assesments) field is showing 'Yes', instead of 'Sim'. This value is hard-coded into 'templates/enrol_coursefeatures.mustache' and should be translatable.

    Any help is appreciated.

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